Manda Capital introduces, assesses and manages contributory mortgage schemes to offer investors the opportunity to access direct mortgage investments.

Investment Types

Manda Capital has experience in a variety of investment types relating to construction and development and the purchase and refinance of investment assets including the following types of security:

First Mortgage Transactions

This is the most secure type of investment, as first mortgages have priority over all other forms of security over the property in the event of default.

Second Mortgage Transactions

These types of investments refer to loans that are subordinate to an earlier loan against the same property. In the event of default, any earlier loan is paid in priority, subject to the terms of any priority agreement.

Over the years, the Principals of Manda Capital have shown flexibility in meeting the needs of Borrowers on investment property and development projects. Borrowers are often prepared to pay a premium for the speed of service and the flexibility which they cannot obtain from the major institutions.

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