Isaac Apel

Isaac Apel is the Managing Partner of Meerkin & Apel Lawyers and has been a partner with the firm for over 40 years.
Isaac has been part of the Consultative Committee on all new loans and has been involved in advice, conference and analysis of banking and finance matters with clients, both lenders and borrowers, including the analysis of risk for lenders, the analysis of documents, briefs to Counsel and recovery actions and managing disputes in relation to loans.

Michael Czarny
Michael Czarny has had extensive experience as a banking and finance securities lawyer with a specialty in real estate mortgage security. At Manda Michael assesses commercial property funding applications; assists his clients in the commercial due diligence including review of valuations, attending with clients to inspect properties, review of financial and taxation statements of applicants and project feasibilities; executing on the loan transaction through to settlement and beyond, including collection of interest payments, monitoring development projects, and monitoring the observance of borrowers covenants under loan agreements.
Rodney Saw
Rodney is responsible for all dealing activities associated with the unregistered managed investment schemes including establishing the scheme, negotiation of relevant agreements, establishment and maintenance of lender registers, directing collection of loan monies and overseeing the dealing of those amounts in accordance with the instructions of the lenders. Rodney is also responsible for other associated dealing activities that are incidental to the operation of the wholesale managed investment schemes and draws on over 30 years experience as a Property Lawyer.
Alastair Philp
Alastair Philp is a Senior Executive with Manda Capital. He has worked in the finance industry for over 18 years and has experience in telecommunications, insurance, foreign exchange, international capital markets, debt structuring and procurement, as well as a vast knowledge of residential and commercial real estate markets. Alastair’s previous roles include a forex desk in London, a national sales position for a listed financial services company and 10 years as the managing director of a leading debt advisory firm. Alastair has taught commercial finance in Melbourne and Sydney and lectured as a guest speaker at a prominent Australian University. Alastair is responsible for the introduction of new business and capital sources, as well as Manda Capital’s major projects division, which deals with offshore and institutional capital. He provides commercial forethought and instinctive problem solving while creating new finance products for a changing market.